Benefits of meditation

Meditation benefits are countless and endless. It is the ultimate medicine for peaceful and healthier life. It was mysterious earlier to find so many benefits and cure for various health issues. However, today, neuroscientists have found after various studies and researches that the person meditating has the power to shift the activity of the brain to various parts of the cortex, which means that the stress element of the right frontal cortex shifts to the left frontal cortex with meditation. This is one of the main reasons to why meditation is very effective and useful for people especially living with lot of stress and anxiety. Every field of work has stress related problems, which makes them to practice meditation to relieve from all the mental and physical health conditions. Let us see the psychological and physiological benefits meditation can provide us.

Reduce Stress & Lower Blood Pressure:

Meditation is the ultimate solution for stress and high blood pressure as it reduces and diverts the mind from the worries that can affect us. Meditation practice can help to reduce the stimulation of sympathetic nervous system by which the blood vessels expand and reduce stress hormones like cortisol. It helps to gain control over the hyperactive mind state, which increases inner peace. Apart from these benefits, it lowers blood pressure due to increased tranquil state of the mind and body.

Improved Heart Health:

With regular meditation of 15 minutes twice, a day can rapidly reduce high blood pressure. Meditation stimulates the tranquil state and improves the calmness in mind, body and soul. It lowers blood pressure helping the body and mind to stay in tranquil state most of the time. Since the relaxation of body and mind prolongs for longer term with regular practice, it reduces the chances of heart diseases especially strokes.

Control Thoughts:

Meditation practice helps to control negative thoughts and at times even stop such thoughts from entering your mind. It helps to gain total control over the mind creating sense of peace of mind, which ultimately helps to concentrate better. With the control over mind, one can never get distracted by smaller irritations neither be upset. It increases the mind’s stability to find solution for every problem.

Concentration & Peace of Mind:

Meditation is the key to permanent happiness and peace of mind. A mind can never have negative thoughts with peace of mind. It increases concentration, which is the energy for greater power and achievement. With a peaceful mind and better concentration, more work can be done in less time. Meditation purifies the mind, body and soul.

Find the Purpose of Life:

This is one of the most important benefits of meditation helping to find the purpose of life. Meditation helps to understand your hidden powers and strength in the conscious and unconscious mind. It will give you the purpose of this life clearly. This helps to understand yourself better creating a new perspective towards life.

We know that, most of these benefits are also obtained with medicines and other treatment. However, the benefits experienced with medicines are temporary and with few side effects. But, the benefits obtained from meditation remains permanent without any side effects.

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Meditation and Prayers are Same Path Leading Towards Lord Almighty

Meditation is just another form of prayer or prayer itself. I am a Catholic practicing meditation regularly for many years now. It keeps my mind free and calm always, helps in taking correct decisions always, guides me in correct path and never ever I have had a bad experience with meditation. It was very lately I came across certain Catholic priests being against meditation for catholics and I read a lot about them. But, can prayer to god considered an evil act or against the will of God. I have been very strong in my faith in God since childhood and it was in my late adolescent years I began to experience various emotional problems in life. Since then, I have been meditating and here I am living free of all emotional problems such as stress, depression, anxiety and anger.

Meditation is a simple process and it is not different from prayer. I read various news and journals on catholic priests going against meditation. Would you believe there is a special meditation chapel in our church? All we do in there is meditating to god. Most of the time, chapel is filled with people who silently pray from their heart without disturbing the person near them. Now meditation is also a similar process of silently praying to god and creating a better bond between the Lord Almighty and you. Priests and nuns come from all parts of the world to our parish, pray, and meditate in the same chapel.

Catholics would always prefer to have God, Jesus in mind while meditating. All that we feel in prayer or meditation are same.  There are various books to learn about Centering Prayer, which is similar to meditation. Meditation is not against Christianity and there is no need to stop meditation.

The Catholics would have a picture or visualize god or his scriptures in mind that remains as a powerful tool to meditate. Meditating on the scriptures is believed to be one of the most powerful methods to communicate with God and create a better relation with him.  This is the same as Christian Meditation, which concentrates and meditates on the scriptures from the Holy Gospel.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong in meditation since it is a process to clean your mind and soul. It cannot be an evil reflection as it relieves the mind from all evil and unwanted thoughts. Meditation creates a better bond between God and his child.

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